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No Apologies, No Regrets.

The 21st century is when it all changes and you've gotta be ready...

30 May 1981
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Wow I never know what to say, kinda feel a little ego like talking about me, but then hey it's my journal account so it's all about me. No I'm kidding, honestly most likely I will be making random comments on Queer as Folk considering that show and characters are all I talk about or think about. I eat sleep and breath Queer as Folk. And I would really like to meet others like me. I was sent here to sign up by another QAF fan so I will have at least one supporter if I can remember to update my page. and to end here is a great quote from Gale Harold that is very true..for me at least. "If you’re sexually attracted to men, it stands to reason that you might like to see two men in a sexual situation."

My David Tennant and DW Ten moods were created by euterpeslullaby
My Animated Torchwood mood was created by theharkness or the5thmarauder
My Queer as Folk mood was created by paddies, misread_, cammissbloom,
My Torchwood mood was created by ayuamarca
My TW Christmas header was made by angelfireeast
My DW VotD header was a screen cap from Adventures in Time & Space
My DW Saxon/Jack/Ten mood was created by dallowayward